The Effect of Water Quality on Cooling Tower Systems

Water Quality

Water quality treatment is directed at minimizing scaling, corrosion, and biological growth.  These factors greatly reduce the efficiency and longevity of cooling tower systems.


Scale is formed from minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and silica.  These minerals are generally present in makeup water.  Scaling often occurs at the hottest surfaces, where the transfer is most important.  Scaling reduces flow through pipes and coats surfaces which prevent the efficient transfer of heat.  The amount and concentration of these minerals will vary, depending on the water source.


Although corrosion can never be completely eliminated, it can be greatly reduced.  Reducing mineral concentrations and maintaining the proper pH balance will substantially increase the life of the cooling tower.

Biological Growth

Biological growth can lead to corrosion at the site of the growth.  Moreover, it may present a potential health hazard if harmful bacteria are released through the drift.  Like scaling, biological growth can reduce heat transfer or airflow in the tower.


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