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Tips on How to Bypass Your System

Listed below are some resources we provide so you can learn how to bypass your system or to set your control timers. If you do not see your system listed, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.


For treated water, white side of slider should be pressed in and black side should be out. To bypass, push in the black side of slider. The white side will be out.

3 Ball Valve

For treated water, the center yellow valve must be closed and the in and out yellow valves should be open.

To bypass, open the middle valve and close the in and out valves.

Stop Valve

For treated water, center valve must be closed and in and out valves must be open. To bypass, open center valve and close the in and out valves.

Water Conditioner Bypass Valve

Valve Bypass

Rotate the two bypass dials clockwise to the “bypass” position. If they are difficult to turn, pliers or a wrench may be used. The system will be bypassed. Water will not enter the valve, but the pressure in the tank will remain.

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