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Effects of Iron Levels on Swimming Pools and Lawn Care

Water Quality

Pool water problem: copper and iron

Even though swimming pool water passes through a filtration unit, copper and iron may be present in sufficient concentrations to create unsightly stains. Though they seldom affect the color of the water, they can stain swimming pool surfaces as well as hair and finger nails.

Copper and iron can find its way into the pool from the plumbing and pipes that deliver the water from the source to the pool.  Well water is often high in iron content.

Effects of Iron Levels on Irrigation and Lawn Care Sprinklers

Have you ever seen orange streaks on the sides of buildings, steps and sidewalks?  These unsightly stains often occur when water that’s high in iron is used for irrigation and lawn care.

Well water is particularly high in iron, and can lead to rust deposits on anything the water comes in contact with, even plants.
Iron concentrations above certain levels can also cause blockages in irrigation systems and lawn sprinklers. And over time, excess amounts of iron can make it difficult for plants to take up specific nutrients like phosphorous.

If you suspect your water is high in iron, start by having it tested.
Once you know the concentration of iron in your water, there are water treatment options to remove excess iron.

Century Water Conditioning and Purification can analyze your water source and recommend the system that best fits your needs.  Call today to schedule a free survey.

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