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Common Questions About Water Treatment

We have compiled a list of some of the commonly asked water treatment questions from our customers and have provided answers to these questions in order to educate you prior to scheduling an appointment with one of our technicians. If there is a question not listed here, feel free to contact us and let us know and we’d be happy to help.

Why do I have green stains in my Tub and sink?

Green stains come from the corrosion of your copper plumbing from low pH. An acid neutralizer can help correct the pH levels.

Why do I get pinhole leaks in my copper plumbing?

This is caused by three types of corrosion: Oxygen, Acids, and Galvanic action. Most common is acids from low pH. An acid neutralizer will control the acid in your water.

Why does my water smell like sulfur (rotten eggs)?

Hydrogen sulfide develops from rotting organic matter and from petroleum refining. This can be removed in numerous ways depending on the conditions.

Why do I have red/orange stains (Iron)?

This color stain is common from Iron. Iron is in three forms, Ferric, Ferrous, and Soluble. It can be removed with more than one type of unit depending on what kind you have.

How often should I have service on my water treatment?

Every 6-12 months depending on the system.

My water is too soft, can I make it less soft?

Once water is softened, it cannot be hardened without removing the softener altogether. Over time your body will adjust to the softer water.

How can I tell if my water is safe to drink?

You should call a certified lab for a water test for a complete analysis of your water.

How often should I have my water tested?

It is recommended to test your water every (2) to (5) years.

What are the pink stains in my toilet and/or my pet's water bowl?

The pink staining does not originate in the water. It is the result of an airborne bacterium, Serratia Marcescens, that finds an ideal environment for growth when it has moisture and oxygen. It multiplies, causing the pink stain that typically wipes off easily. The only treatment for airborne bacteria is to add chlorine. After the chlorine dissipates, the bacteria will grow again.

Are the pink stains dangerous?

The pink stain is harmless. It is just a nuisance.

How do I get rid of the pink stains?

Unless there is a way to eliminate the bacteria from the air, there is no way to eliminate the pink stain, just wipe it off when it shows up.

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