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Hair Care and Water Quality

Water Quality

Most Hair Colorists understand the importance of the water used in their salons with regards to their professional hair color results. In fact, many salons specializing in hair color understand that the quality of the water used in their salon is so important to the overall outcome of their professional hair color results, that they have specialized water filtration and purification systems installed.

There are several reasons for this:

Chlorine: Regular exposure to chlorine-treated water can cause significant damage to your hair. Chlorine is a disinfectant that breaks down the natural oils in the hair. It leads to dryness and porosity of the hair shaft.  Chlorine oxidizes copper and other minerals found in water, which bind to proteins in the hair shafts.  This, sometimes, creates a greenish tint.

As explained above, regular exposure to chlorine can cause dry, porous hair. Dry, porous hair is more likely to absorb chemicals that lead to discoloration. Hair that has been chemically lightened or highlighted is even more likely to be damaged by chlorine exposure.

pH Levels:  The pH levels of the water that is used will have an impact on the condition of their hair. Calcium levels vary according to the hardness of the water.  Calcium is found in well water and even treatment plants add calcium to the water.  Hair that is washed regularly with water containing calcium will feel dry and even a fresh perm can seem relaxed and drab.       

Iron: Iron is often found in wells used both privately and publicly for water. Iron leaves the hair feeling dry, brittle and weighed down. It can cause changes to the intended color of hair by causing blonde hair to turn orange and dark hair to become darker.  

Copper:  Copper is very commonly found in water because water is usually transported through copper pipes. It also is found in the ground and is commonly added to swimming pools, lakes, hot tubs, and spas to control the growth of algae. Copper is well known for discoloring hair, causing blonde hair to turn green and dark hair to tint darker. It will also weigh hair down, causing dryness, and inhibits the proper processing of color.

Proper hair color and hair care begin with the water you use. Whether in a salon or at home, the greater the water quality, the greater the results will be.

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