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Is Bottled Water Really Better Than Tap Water?

Water Quality

In the US, we spend 11.8 billion annually on bottled water.  The production of water bottles uses 17 million barrels of oil a year, and it takes three times the water to make the bottle as it does to fill it.  Of the 30 billion plastic water bottles sold each year in the United States, only 12 percent were recycled.

The average cost of bottled water is $1.45.  The total years it would take to refill the average water bottle with tap water before it would cost $1.45: 10 years.

A report by Food and Water Watch says that almost half of all bottled water is derived from tap water, 47.8% (2009).  In the United States, 24 percent of bottled water sold is either Pepsi’s Aquafina (13 percent of the market) or Coke’s Dasani (11 percent of the market). Both brands are bottled, purified municipal water.

The bottom line is that bottled water has no more health benefits than tap water.

In the U.S., tap water is treated to remove particles, chemicals and bacteria. During the process of treating public water, chlorine is added as a disinfectant.  Some studies have shown that long term use of chlorine may be linked to bladder cancer.  Many people find that taking hot showers with chlorinated water irritates the eyes and skin.

Once water is transported to your dwelling, chlorine has served its purpose as a disinfectant, and has no further benefit.  Removing chlorine at the point of use ensures that you are consuming water free of additives and other dissolved solids. 

Well water is more likely to be contaminated since it doesn’t go through the same treatment and testing as water for public consumption. If the drinking water in your home comes from a well, filter it or hire a company to test its quality before you drink it.

But the water source isn’t your only concern: The condition and composition of the pipes it flows through matters, too. Lead pipes can leach lead into water, making it harmful to drink (especially for children and pregnant women). Iron pipes corrode and collect impurities.  If you aren’t sure of the condition and composition of your pipes, have your water tested.


Century Water Conditioning and Purification can provide an analysis of your water, and suggest the water purification system that best fits your needs.

Home or Office: In addition to in-home systems, Century Water has a line of vertex water coolers that will not only save the cost of bottled water, but also the hassle of storing replacement bottles.

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